Bizarre Japanese Folklore —- The Sazae Oni and the Stolen Testicles,

According to an old legend from Kizu Province, there was once a band of pirates sailing the high seas.  Suddenly they heard the screams of a woman, “save me, save me!” she screamed.  The pirates managed to rescue a beautiful woman just before she was about to drown.

Overjoyed with gratitude, the woman and the pirates celebrated all day and during the night the woman slept with all of the crew, including the captain.  The next morning, the pirates woke up to find that they had been robbed of their most precious treasure.  During the act of love-making, the woman had stolen all of the pirate’s testicles.

The pirates assembled on deck and confronted the woman, demanding that she return their rightful possessions.  When the pirates tried to grab the woman, she transformed into a sazae oni, a large mollusk-like creature with humanoid form.  The sazae oni warned that if the pirates came any closer, she would jump into the sea and disappear with their man-parts forever.  Then she offered them a deal, if the pirates gave her all of their pirate treasure, she would give them back their gonads.  The pirates, weighing the value of their stolen “jewels” against the jewels they had stolen, agreed to the deal.  The sazae oni returned their testicles, took all of their treasure, and disappeared into the ocean never to be seen again. (x)